Rating Five of the most popular Plus Size Lingerie Companies.

In recent times with the movement to expand the designs and sizes offered and shown in mainstream media, we have seen more companies who are willing to cater to and serve the growing market for plus size women. That being said, not all companies are created or organized equally. And while there are many companies we hear of, quite a few die down after a while for several reasons.

With all that, there are still many in the game and a few that are buzzed about. But how do you decide which ones are right for you, especially when there are several things to consider when you buy lingerie in Canada and those things only expand when you choose to buy lingerie online in Canada. That’s why I took the stress out of the equation by rating five of the most popular plus size lingerie companies. I will be rating them based on five criteria’s-Sizing, Style, Shipping, Material, and communication, that I will outline and rank them on.


Lane Bryant: 2.5, It is no surprise that Lane Bryant would be high on this list, credited as the original plus-size retailer. However, LB seems to live off the good name it established in its long history offering little more than an extensive size range.

Sizing: with a size range of 14-28 and 32A to 50 DDD, it is no surprise why LB continues to be a top choice for plus size women.

Style: the styling is thriftier and harder to characterize into anything more than everyday wear.

Shipping: shipping is okay and could be better.

Quality: a hit or miss quality.

Communication: horrible customer service and general experience.


SavageX Fenty: 4, Savage X made waves mid last year for its exceptional deals and diverse models. As a baby company, it has a long way to go in terms of sizing and catering styles to fuller figured women.

Sizing: 32A-46DDD, XS-3XL. A wide but hardly extensive line of sizes.

Style: styles are risqué and offer more erotic options than is popularly seen, however certain designs are noticeably tweaked for larger sizes.

Shipping: Fast and reliable shipping.

Quality: Good quality material.

Communication: okay communication, membership loophole is greatest complaint.

Adore Me: 3, Adore me like savage Fenty is marketed to a wider range of women and not limited to plus sizes only.

Sizing: 30A-46G. a great size range. However, customers report a limit on the availability of larger sizes recently.

Style: from bawdy, to provocative, to light. Adore Me offers an extensive style palette.

Shipping: the crux of their issues can be found in their shipping, delivery is delayed and sometimes never done.

Quality: excellent quality, with a few misses.

Communication: responsive costumer care.


Torrid: 2.5, a little older than some on this list torrid markets itself as a plus-sized exclusive company. Like Lane Bryant, it offers an extensive sizing range with a saddle of horrible customer service.

Sizing: sizes 10-30 and 36C to 54DDD, this is the most extensive sizing on the list.

Style: nothing risqué or provocative, but a decent style range.

Shipping: not detailed.

Quality: poor quality overall reported.

Communication: decent response rate but rude customer service.


Playful Promises: 4.5, the highest-rated on the list is a relatively budding retailer, that offers an interestingly extensive line that starts at 28. This London based retailer is known for its extensive plus-sized styles.

Sizing: 28DD to 44H

Style: they offer provocative, and themed lingerie, with a few light everyday items as well.

Shipping: decent shipping with minimal complaints.

Quality: good quality.

Communication: responsive customer care.

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All reviews are based on general verified customer reviews. Good luck!

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